Hair up means deep clean!

We all pick up here and there do some cleaning throughout the week but we all know that when the hair goes up some serious cleaning is about to go down. For me the hardest part of cleaning, or anything for that matter, is starting. Once I start I can keep the momentum going but it takes me FOREVER to work up to that start moment. Some people are the opposite. They get super motivated and can start a project really easy but lose that motivation really quickly. Some of you ladies are really lucky and can just do and get done (Bless each and every one of you). For those of you who aren’t quite that good at either getting going or staying on track though here are some simple tips that might help you!

For the easily motivated but easily distracted…

Play to your strength you can get things going super easy! You are a good self-starter. Use that to your advantage. The best cleaning technique for you would be the 5 to 15 min clean. What this does is play to your strength. You go full throttle for 5 to 15 min. and right when you start to get distracted you stop. Take a break, watch a show, read a book and in 30min. Dive back into that project for another 5 to 15min. 

For the completed focused but totally unmotivated (guilty as charged)…

It is not that you aren’t motivated you get pumped and ready you just can’t get yourself to do! And the answer is no you aren’t lazy because once you get going you get the job done! I have to convince myself to take a shower, not because I don’t like taking showers or because I don’t want to be clean but seriously who has time for that! The goal for you is to NOT TAKE A BREAK! I am not saying work till you pass out but don’t ever completely stop until the job is done. The easiest way to do this is to get your water bottle full when you start the project so you don’t have to get up to get something to drink. If possible depending on what you are cleaning, switch between projects. Balance out a more rigorous cleaning with a more calm cleaning like folding towels and putting them away. What this does is give your body and mind a “break” from what you are doing while still not letting you get out of that cycle of cleaning. Cause we all know once people like us take that break…we have to start the motivation process all over again.

For the easily motivated and completely focused…

Y’all pretty much have it together you can motivate yourself to get something done and you do it till it’s done. You can take breaks because your motivation will still be there when you get back. For y’all the only thing I can think of is if you aren’t really organized in your cleaning, get into a regular routine. It will make keeping the house clean so much more simple and it will draw on that raw talent of motivation and focus.


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