Finding Calm Moments in a Busy Life

Life is busy! We all can agree on that. There are so many things to stay on top of especially when you’re a wife. Work (if you’re a working wife), school (if you’re a student), spending time with your spouse, cooking, cleaning, kids if you have them. It seems so impossible to find a free minute to just relax. If I didn’t slow myself down every now and then I could probably go a whole day and see my husband for maybe 30min. before bed. If you are a working wife then you know how hard it is to find the spare time to do fun, spontaneous things. You also know how much it sucks that your whole day is eaten up by an 8+ hour work day. This goes for you to busy moms! contrary to popular opinion mothers have 24/7 job that you can’t “leave at the office.” It is really important for us busy wives to make sure that we are not only seeking out individual time for ourselves to recharge, but also that we are making a point to find time to spend with our husbands. Spending time with our husbands can be as simple as just “touching base” with them even if only for five minutes. Obviously the more time you can spend the better, however, this little tips may help you rekindle the possible diming flame due to lack of effort on both of y’alls part.



Seriously whether it is first thing in the morning, or when one or both of y’all are walking out the door to work. Spend 15 seconds at least kissing him goodbye. I am not saying make out with him…although that isn’t a problem…but just a simple sweet lingering kiss. I get it this seems stupid to some of you but seriously as much as I love the quick little “love ya” pecks if you spend 15 seconds genuinely invested in a kiss you will be AMAZED at the result. It will make both of your days better and make you excited to get home and see your love. I suggest a minimum of two 15 second kisses a day, morning and bedtime.


Take a walk

Got a dog? Use it! Doggie needs his walk and you need time with your spouse. Morning, night or both, agree to a consistent time and try to stick to it best you can every day. Even if it is only a 15minutes walk and you both say more or less nothing to each other and just walk, that connection time every day will be a huge marriage recharge. For those of you with kids…put them in the stroller and take ‘em with you, or if you have an older child ask her to watch them for 10min. and just walk down to the mail box and back. Point is you need to find time to spend with him without focusing on something else even if only for 10min.


Bible Study

As Godly couples we should be trying to not only have our own personal time with God, but also time to come together as a single unit and spend time in the Word. It could be a whole chapter or even just a few verses. The point is not how much you read but that you are spending time together in the Word of God.     

Date night

Once a month minimum. More as you can, however, I am well aware that date nights equal money and not all of us have a lot of it. Once a month though try to set aside a day to go on a date. It doesn’t have to be to a fancy restaurant (although it can be). My ideal date nights include going to McDonalds, getting a larger root beer, and then driving around a little with the top off of the car just embracing the quiet moments with him. Pick up a pizza, turn on Netflix and watch your favorite show! Point is it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive it just needs to be dedicated time together.

Sail away
Okay this is a total once a year thing and an as you can afford it suggestion. However, I highly suggest you go on a cruise once a year as possible. We went on a four day cruise to Cozumel for our honeymoon and it was the most relaxing, reconnecting experience ever (We didn’t go on our honeymoon as soon as we were married). Under no circumstances are you to get the internet connection or cell data service thing though. The reason it was so relaxing was because we could do nothing else other than spend time with each other, explore the ship, eat, sleep, and RELAX!

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