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Making it Feel like Fall

Oh my gosh y’all it is FALL! I can’t believe it the Texas weather finally caught up with the seasons. Granted this is Texas so fall may not last more than a few days but it is exciting none the less. With fall finally here I am so excited to start decorating and filling my home with the smell of pumpkin spice and everything nice. If you are like me and working with very limited space (two mirrored bed/bathrooms connected by a hallway {one bedroom/bath combo is the living room/kitchen}) anyway, if you are working with limited space then it can be difficult to go all out and decorate. So here are a few little things you can do that will give your home that fall feeling without to much work or clutter.

Candle Warmers

Step one get yourself those little warmers. The ones you put the wax cubes in and they melt and make your house smell like happiness. Get two if you can afford them. Step two get some fall smelling wax cubes, melt ’em and wait for your home to smell like a pumpkin leaf exploded ^_^ (I REALLY love fall).

A wreath

Get yourself a simple pretty fall colored wreath and hang it on your door. It’s like fall welcoming you home every time you enter.

Throw blanket

Get a fall colored throw blanket. Neutral browns and subtle oranges. Drape it over a chair or across the couch. All fall and snuggly.


get some tiny little decorative pumpkins and a little touch of fall greenery from a craft store. Place them around the house wherever you feel needs a little fall sprucing.

If you are lucky enough to have one of those fireplace you can turn the heat on or off of then light it up (still to hot down here for the heat) and enjoy!

Happy Fall!! ^_^


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