You are allowed YOU time

Do you ever feel like you just need a break. I little time and space to yourself. When you take that time and space for yourself though…do you start to feel guilty? Not all of you may have this issue but I and I am sure some others out there do. Whenever I just want to sit and watch TV or read a book or just lay in bed and not do anything for a little while…I feel guilty. Or worse I force myself to do it and then all my mind does the whole time I am “relaxing” is just think about everything else I have to do. I always have so much to do that if I am not doing something I feel like I should be. I hate having a messy house, it can be practically impossible sometimes to find real time to sit down and do my homework, cooking dinner…well lets just say fast food is more a part of our lives then I would like to admit. I can somehow get really motivated when I am at work. You know the, “when I get home I am going to get so much done.” Some how it never seems to work. That’s when I run into the problem of feeling guilty for not being productive and yet feeling like I can justify it because hey I worked all day. If this sounds anything like you then let me tell you something…you are not alone and there is hope. It is PERFECTLY fine to have “me time” and it is perfectly okay to just want to do nothing. As wives though we still need to balance out our me time with work time and house work time and husband time and if you have kids well may the Lord Bless you. It is a struggle for working wives to have it all together and not feel like they are falling apart. “You” time is so important because without it you can’t handle everything else. So don’t feel bad when you want to spend a few minutes gathering your thoughts and wanting to relax a little. Go take that bubble bath or sit down and watch the TV for a little while. Trust me the mess will still be there after you’ve taken time to do something relaxing for you.


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