Meal Planning

Alright ladies! lets face it menu planning is a pain! Especially for those of us who may not be the most innovative in the kitchen. I have found a really awesome website that can either help you create a meal plan (complete with shopping list) or make on for you! I like using both options. The created for you menu is for seven meals with sides and one dessert. So far I have seen an average between $70-80 per menu for ingredients. (I picked the gluten free menu though and healthy is always more expensive). There is a way to condense spending using their menu though and I will touch on that in another post. For now though lets focus on “Build a Menu” ( http://www.buildamenu.com/ ) They have several different options for what works for your family. As well as a reasonable price! I happened to get mine during their super sale and I already LOVE it! Even without the sale though if you are like me and love organization but SUCK at meal planning then their normal price is still fair! I have only just recently started using it. I hear about it from Jami Balmet with “Home Making Ministries” (http://homemakingministries.com/ )   and “Young Wife’s Guide” ( https://youngwifesguide.com/ ).  Just a side note, I am not getting paid or compensated for promoting anyone, I just happen to really like it. That being said, I have also just started using Home Making Ministries Academy. I signed up a few months ago and watched like one video so far but despite the fact that I haven’t found time to sit myself down and do it more often or as much as I had anticipated I do not regret my purchase at all. Which for me is rare because I suffer buyers remorse BIG TIME. Anyway I have greatly digressed. I have always been a pen and paper kind of gal. I like tangibility and apps don’t always cut it for me. Finding something that lets me print and create and have the tangibility without the excess time spent on writing and planning is HUGE. Especially in my very very busy life. I would definitely highly recommend taking a look at these great sights. BAM even has a trail version for you so you don’t have to spend a ton of money without knowing what you’re getting into. I will come back and post more on this as I myself delve deeper into it all but for now I wanted to throw it out there for those of you who really need help in the meal planning area of housewifing


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