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Not a Normal Guy

I am sure that most of you ladies have been taught since you were young that, “A guy is only after one thing.” Then when you got older every guy and his grandpa proved that saying true. Then when you were looking into getting married a realization came that not all guys are only after one thing. However, even though he married you for so many other reasons that “thing” is something he still enjoys. I am sure your mother told you that, “Sometimes you are just gonna have to do it whether you want to or not…it’s a way to show him you love him enough to do that even when you don’t want to.” This is more or less what I learned growing up. I was therefore prepared to “make the sacrifice” when I got married, anticipating his s*x drive would be vastly greater than mine. Well, let me tell you I couldn’t have been more wrong. At first I thought it was me. Maybe I just wasn’t attractive in that way to him. I mean he married me but clearly something is wrong. After a while I was like okay maybe it’s him. Maybe he just isn’t a “normal” guy and he just isn’t as into it as other guys are. You see I’d grown up, and we’ve grown up in such a world where it is considered “not normal” when a guy or girl doesn’t want to have s*x ever minute with ever human they meet. We’ve been taught that “guys only want one thing” so when we run into the rare gems that look at you for so much more than that we consider them “broken.” For the first year and a half of our marriage it bothered me that he wasn’t “normal.” I didn’t know how to handle that. No one ever told me that real men don’t care about that 24/7. I lived a fairly sheltered life so it wasn’t until I got married, got a job, and really started venturing into the world that I started to notice something. All the “normal” guys and the girls with these “normal” guys are miserable. divorced, remarried, three kids from this girl, two from that one. Visiting on weekends. Books and blogs on how to keep your man, how to tell if he is cheating, when you don’t know if he still loves you. I hear about all these women whose love life sucks because they think that they can’t find someone better or that, “well all guys are like that.” Even the ones who are happily married still worry about their husbands eyes wandering because, “that’s just what guys do.” And we are supposed to be okay with that. We are supposed to be okay with having to keep our husbands, boyfriends, fiancé’s attention off other women. If being married to me special of gem of a man has taught me anything is that there ARE men out there who you don’t have to worry about wandering attentions. You see love and lust and desperation are three very different things. We all want to be loved and when we can’t find someone we get desperate and are willing to accept lust over love. Don’t get me wrong I understand that there are plenty of happily married loving relationships out there. I also understand that we as humans are flawed and are prone to making mistakes. I am not trying to say that if your guy struggles with lust he doesn’t love you or that your man can’t have made mistakes before meeting you. All I am trying to say is that we as women need to stop accepting “boys will be boys” as an okay for continuing in relationships that are harmful. A mentor of my husbands talked with him on this subject recently. He was curious if my husband had ever had relations with another woman besides me (no he hasn’t). He then took the opportunity to point out how that special intimacy between a married couple is about the cross and Jesus’ sacrifice. Seriously I didn’t get it either till he explained it to me but we can get into that in another post. Point is when he was telling me about it I started to realize that I had been comparing my husband to what I know and have heard about other guys thinking that they were normal. It finally hit me then that my husband was actually the normal one and the others were flawed representations of what society has manufactured. I will be honest I have grown so accustom to the unconditional, unquestioning, love I receive from my husband I get honestly perplexed when my girlfriends or random people a meet tell me about their relationships. Not saying we are perfect. We fight, no couple doesn’t or couldn’t. Misunderstanding happen. There is one thing I know though, he doesn’t know how to love someone else like he loves me. It is so far away from the farthest part of his mind that he looks at me confused when I mention something that every other “normal” guy in the room noticed. No matter your relationship statues currently, try to keep in mind that when someone really truly loves you, you don’t have to keep or get their attention. Their attention never leaves you. You shouldn’t have to worry about the woman walking by in practically nothing because you should know that he isn’t noticing them because it shouldn’t even cross his mind to look at someone else. If you have a husband, boyfriend, whatever like mine KEEP HIM they are rare gems that are like unforged diamonds. We need to stop allowing our guys to think it is “normal” to look at other women and we need to not teach our sons that it is okay to “be like the other guys.” Allowance is acceptance of a behavior. Stop allowing disrespect. We shouldn’t have to say, “well this one is better than that one so I’ll marry him.” Marriage is a sacred covenant. One that should not be broken. Don’t look for a “normal” guy. Look for the one that stands out from the rest. Mine is the rarest gem and nothing holds a marriage together quite like not having to worry about what he is thinking or who he is looking at. I understand that this is a lot off the beaten track of what I usually post about. But I felt like even though this is a blog geared more towards wives there may be some unmarried women reading too. Also I really wanted to make a point to point out that “normal” guys aren’t that great. I am terribly guilty of wandering why mine wasn’t “normal” only to discover over time that I have been so wrong in thinking that “normal” was wanting all the things that most guys want. Never look down on a man that is different from the rest. He isn’t a sissy, he isn’t weird. He is respectful and willing to wait for the girl that sees him as the unforged diamond that he is.



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