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Keeping Up with Life

I had it down! I grew up basically running a house. My parents though loving were not particularly involved so raising the kids and running the house fell on me and my sister. My older sister got main charge of our little sister and cooking and I got charge of our little brother and cleaning. It worked pretty well. She was a fabulous cook and loved it and I was really good at cleaning. I figured when I got married the only thing I would really have to “work on” would be my cooking abilities cause I am so not a fabulous cook. Oh my gosh was I ever wrong. I still don’t completely understand how I could go from the queen of clean to barely making it but it happened!

Long story short I went from a 4,000 sq. ft. home, no job other than housework and taking care of the kids, and lots of time on my hands to a 600sq. ft. home, full time job and student, and practically no time on my hands. So yeah big difference. Although I am far from having it all together, here are a few things that are helping me keep up with life.


As I mentioned before I love planning. I often plan but don’t implement though. One without the other is pointless. So first things first set up a general broad plan of what you want to for the day or week depending on how advanced of a planner you are or want to be. You can narrow your schedule more but start with broad concepts. It will make it less overwhelming. Then set a general time frame to complete said items. Again when you are starting go broad before being more exact. Once you get used to doing things in the general time frame it will be less difficult to set a more structured routine later. It’s like teaching kids to clean up. Start by teaching them to just put their toys away and then you can start teaching them to organize them later.

Section and Time

Don’t try to do everything at once. Section of areas in your home to work on and then set aside a specific amount of time to do it. Take 15-30min dedicated time, then take a break and come back to it if you’re not done. Once these areas are clean you’ll only need 5 to 10min to keep them that way! (Need motivation tips scroll down to my “Hair up means deep clean!” post)


It’s okay if you don’t have the cleanest most perfect house. It’s okay if you pick up fast food every now and again because you burned dinner or you just didn’t have time to make a perfect meal. It’s okay to breath. You don’t have to have it all together. You don’t have to be perfect. You are not a failure if you’re not. Take a moment, breath, give it to God, keep trying. It gets better. It is alright to take a break and take time for yourself. You don’t have to rush around and perfect everything. Breath.

Trust God

This kind of goes along with the other one but seriously. The world isn’t going to end, the house won’t burn down because the kids toys are out or the laundry isn’t quite finished. Give it to God. Trust Him to help you and get you through it. Rely on Him to give you the strength, motivation and time. We work for Him and everything we do should be to His glory. We can glorify Him much better by not stressing over the little mishaps in life and just serving Him.

Blessings to all,




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