Christmas on a Budget

Finals Week is here which means after Friday I am FREE of school stress until spring! Granted life stress still exists but one less thing to worry about right. I planned on having a fun little post about budget friendly Christmas shopping but I completely blew my Christmas budget out of the water this year. You see I LOVE getting gifts for people. Especially if I feel like it is a perfect fit gift or just something they would really like. Some people will either do a lot of little gifts or one BIG gift. I tried that…failed! I started doing the little gifts but then it just seemed like a bunch of “cheap” little gifts. So I decided how about one BIG gift…I hate just giving someone ONE item for Christmas. Now I understand Christmas isn’t about the gifts but I can’t help it I love giving gifts! Anyway, I came to the conclusion to do one big gift and two sub gifts for each family member. Sounds reasonable right? Well when you have a large family that idea flies out the window. SIX in-laws to buy for and that is before I by Sugar Bear anything. Needless to say I probably need help but I don’t regret it. As long as everyone likes everything it is totally worth it to me! If you are like me however, and have a slight spending problem especially at Christmas then here are a few tips to help keep your budget down a little lower.
Important people first
Buy for your major important relatives first. In-laws, parents, and siblings, etc. Keep it to immediate family. I know you want to buy stuff for friends but unless they are like the super close friends that are basically relatives (I have one of those) don’t buy them stuff…YET!
Pick a low ball number
Don’t start your budget off at its max. Pick a number lower than your actual budget because then when you over spend you will still technically be within budget. For instance…if you can afford $50 per person then set  $25-45 limit. Then you will already be looking for lower priced items and when you find the perfect gift that is a little over your $45 limit you still won’t max yourself out. DO NOT use your low ball number as an excuse to spend more. It is only for the perfect gift items.
Simple and Sweet
You don’t need anything extravagant. Go for the sentimental angle. Even if it isn’t expensive if it is something special it still carries the meaning behind the gift.
Buying for friends
Honestly keep it simple. Gift cards to their favorite restaurant, a little décor item for the house. If your friends are married they honestly just want to pay their bills for Christmas so give them money. They can either buy something or use it for bills. It doesn’t have to be a lot depending on how close they are I’d say between $20-50. They are friends, you love them, but trust me they will understand if you are on a budget.
Don’t stress
The holidays are supposed to be a time of joyfulness. How does that work if you’re stressing over what to give people and how much money is going out and on and on and on. When all is said and done it is all about family and friends and focusing on the reason for the season!
Hope some of these ideas helped or at least made you feel less alone in the Christmas spending department. What are your major downfalls at Christmas time? are you a gift buyer or creator? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to follow me or subscribe to get emails sent straight to your inbox!

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