The Wonderful World of Blogging

Let’s talk about blogging for a moment. I just recently started my blogging endeavors and I will be honest…it can be really hard. I figured when I started it surely couldn’t be that difficult. You just write about something and post it and people read it. Right? Wrong! First you have to find something worthwhile to post about. Then you have to actually get people to your blog to read the material and hope it is good enough that they will want to follow you and share your posts with their friends. This last part (unless you are super social media knowledgeable) is quite time consuming. I am still new to this whole world of blogging and despite being lumped into the age of millennials I am not very tech savvy (1994 to me shouldn’t be a millennial 😛 lol). That being said trying to get a facebook set up, pinterest, intagram, etc. is throwing me for a loop. This weekend I am going to try to really focus on building my social media standing and I wanted to go through this process with anyone else who may be struggling in creating their blogs and getting traffic. I will probably do an every other week post about the blogging process of building social media and getting traffic. This way I will get to implement stuff and have a week to see how well it works. So expect to be seeing blogging tips coming your way soon!

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