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New Year Resolutions and Keeping Them

Start an exercise routine. Wake up earlier. Spend more time with family. Finally get organized. Get better about spending time in God’s Word. New Year’s resolutions are just overflowing right now as we all vow that this year we will not only start but keep our new year resolutions. Try as we might and want as much as we may keeping those resolutions is never easy and usually all our great plans die within two weeks to the first month of the new year. So for some of you, you have finally resolved that new year resolutions are stupid and you don’t do them. However, whether you are tired of failing your resolutions or you are determined to keep them this year here are a few tips that may help you actually succeed in your resolutions this year.
Treat each day like New Year’s
Lets face it the real reason the resolutions flop is because we get tired of doing it. We think that skipping this one day won’t matter. Or that well we can always start again next week. This causes us to just keep pushing that resolutions down until it’s December 25th and we are making the same plans again for next year. Instead of looking at everything as a long drawn out year long process. Decided that you are going to take each day and look at it as the first. Over time your enthusiasm may dwindle from your original mindset but they key to keep a resolution is making a daily decision to do whatever it is you said you would.
Missing a day is okay
Missing a day or even a week or missing every other day is perfectly fine. The trick is to not let missing a few days or heck a few months (hopefully it won’t go that long) keep you from waking up everyday and trying. If you miss a day then wake up and try again. Don’t let a missed day or week discourage you from doing it all together.
If you’re resolution is to spend more time with God then great! but no matter what your resolution is never let it take time away from God or family. You can always find ways to include family and God in your resolutions. If you plan on exercising more then take your hubby or kids with you or use it as reflections time with God. Resolutions are great but don’t let them get in the way of what is important.
If at first you don’t succeed try, try again. Yes “failure” is never fun but if you are trying then you are already not failing because you are trying! Keep your focus on God first, family second and everything else will fall into place.
I really hope some of these ideas have helped. what are some of your resolutions and how are you planning on keeping them? Feel free to comment below or emailing me at vintagegirl112212@gmail.com. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow me to get updates sent straight to your email! and like our Face Book page!

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