Scatter Brained Thoughts

Scatter Brained Thoughts

My sister in law is a writer, unpublished as of yet but hopefully not for much longer. Anyway she is a writer. A brilliant author actually for being so young and I have read her first book and it is a total can’t put it down kind of book. She is so passionate about writing and you can see it through the utter excitement that builds in her when she is talking about her novels or the short stories she is writing. Even when she is just bouncing ideas off people she is simply enchanted with the characters and concepts. It really is thrilling to watch and listen to her. She wasn’t always this out going though. Not long after SugarBear and I got hitched I was granted the pleasure and surprise of her trusting me enough to divulge her special world of writing to me. She was very timid about it and I had to beg a little to let her let me read one of her stories but she did. I could see the spark of intrigue then and I had two choices. Fan the flame, or just tell her how much I loved the story and let it go at that. I choose to fan the flame. I didn’t do it because she was my sister in law, I didn’t do it “just to be nice.” I did it because I saw the potential of a great author trapped inside the dreams of a young girl who didn’t trust the world to not reject her writing. Fast forward to now and we have an avid blogger who has finished her first book in a four book series along with a wonderful and heart wrench short story and is now trying to get published. The point of this story is that sometimes people need encouragement. She was always a wonderful writer but she needed that little push from someone who believed in her to allow all that potential to be released. It could have been from anyone not just me. It is for that reason I encourage all of you to encourage others. If you see potential in someone, something they are passionate about, don’t let that drop to the side. Even if you don’t know the person well. You never know if you are the person that could make a difference in someone’s life just by being there. A simple word of encouragement is all it takes sometimes. I am so proud of my sister in law for trusting herself enough as a writer to continue in her endeavors and one day, I hope to be standing on the sidelines cheering her on as she turns into a number one bestseller (can you tell I’m a proud sister lol). The satisfaction doesn’t come from, “oh I helped her get here.” I didn’t do anything she did it all on her own because she already had it in her. Encouragement is a wonderful thing. I probably would have already stopped blogging if it hadn’t been for a friend of mine that gave me some encouragement. So never miss an opportunity, always encourage some one, it is the most important thing you can do and it is so exciting to see the people you’ve encouraged living out their dreams.
So here is some encouragement for you. If you are new to blogging, new to writing, new to painting, new to whatever. DON’T GIVE UP! Being passionate about something is scary. What if people don’t like what you have to say. What if they make fun of you for what you’re doing. What if… there is a never ending scroll filled with what ifs and when we are uncertain it is so hard to find a what if that motivates us. So hang in there. You do have something to say. You matter and your passions are your gifts. The God given talents that you should cultivate. If you have never had encouragement from anyone then this is for you. Look at this as a personal note encouraging you to continue in whatever you’re doing.
Also, don’t forget to be the encouragement that others need. If you need it so does someone else. Keep up your passions. Bring the book out of the closet and let others read it, sing a little louder and let others hear. No matter what it is do it! You’ll get discouraged as you go but push through the slumps and dumps and one day you’ll come out on the other side and be so glad you did.
This is venturing a little off my usual topics but I did say I’d post about whatever pops into my head and well surprise lol. Seriously though, never let anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough. You are exactly what this world needs and this world needs your talents, passions, crazy ideas. Anyone can write, sing, dance, blog yes. But no one else has a story like yours. No one else can say it, write it, sing it, or blog it like you. No one has your ability to be you. Never give up on something you want to do. It will only get better!
P.S. Being the proud sister I am I’m gonna just leave this here
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3 thoughts on “Scatter Brained Thoughts”

  1. Such a wonderful and inspiring read! It’s amazing that there are people out there who recognise that some flames need fanning, and that you’ll go to the lengths to do so. Truly remarkable 🙂 (I’ve even nipped across to her blog to follow as well).


    1. Thank you so much! and thank you for following me and her 🙂 I’m always so thrilled to get feedback from my readers. I check out your blog as well (and followed!) I like your spunk as a writer gamer photographer. Being a writer I think you will enjoy my sister in laws site a lot 🙂

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