Find an Accountability Partner

Okay so you’re blogging and it is going okay. You have a few followers, you get at least a couple of views almost everyday. But you are struggling to stay motivated because you feel like everyone else’s blogs are just taking off and have so many followers and you are just struggling to come up with something to say. I can totally relate. When it seems like no one wants to hear what you have to say it is difficult to keep the momentum you had when you originally started blogging. The more I get into the blogging world though the more I realize how much bloggers can and should rely on each other. If you aren’t already in a blogging group try to find one. They are very helpful for bouncing ideas off of, and getting opinions and ideas for your blog. One of the best things you can do is find an accountability partner. This is a person who is similar to you in their path of life (age, marital status, blogging theme, etc.). Basically it is someone for you to befriend in the blogging world that encourages you, supports you, and helps you stay on track with your goals. Having someone to keep you motivated is always a key to succeed in any environment. They don’t have to be someone similar to you either. Sometimes people that are drastically different make for the best way to gain ideas you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. I would recommend having at least one person that is blogging about similar things though as they will be able to better help you with what your blog is about and give good feedback. It will also be easier to share your posts and vice versa as your audience will be similar. No matter where you are in blogging don’t give up. we all go through slumps and that’s okay. That is when having a accountability partner for support and encouragement comes into play. Don’t worry if you have a bad few weeks. Keep blogging and realize that what you have to say does matter. Give a voice to all the thoughts in your head and you will see just how many people will listen!

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3 thoughts on “Find an Accountability Partner”

  1. Whilst I don’t really have anyone else in my life who blogs, I have a friend who has always been my “writer” buddy. We always discuss plots for our books, and we always try to push each other with our stories… We’re quite lax though, and sometimes I wish we could be harsher with each other about deadlines and productivity! Haha. That’s the problem with being friends I guess, you’re just as likely to go easy on each other! Great piece of advice here 🙂

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    1. I totally understand. It is so easy to not want to feel like your being mean even though you are just trying to help. Maybe get with him and agree that y’all are going to really try to push each other to meet deadlines and that the other can’t get frustrated when “the hammer comes down” lol. If that doesn’t sound like a fab idea then you can always try joining a writing or blogging group on facebook or elsewhere and ask if anyone would like to pair up as an accountability partner. That’s how I got mine. Thanks for the comment and support!

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      1. I think that’s all it will take really, us agreeing to be stricter… perhaps even arranging forfeits (if you don’t do as you’re told, you owe each other a dinner? haha). We’ll hopefully work something out this year 🙂


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