Scatter Brained Thoughts

ScatterBrained Thoughts: We got a House!

wp_20170114_10_15_54_proWell for all of you that have been following me for a while…we are moving!! I am so excited. At the same time I am so utterly sad. Last night I actually asked my husband if we could not move and just stay in our cute little section of the world for a little bit longer. He actually considered asking his mom but we both realize that eventually “a man must leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife.” Granted most people do that pretty much as soon as they get married but circumstances prevented that for us. I will be honest when we moved into his parents, I didn’t mind at first but eventually I started really looking forward to having my own space one day. Somehow though now I don’t want to leave. I have grown so accustomed to coming home to a house full of people. Being able to just go through the garage and talk to his mom or his sisters. Watching movies with his family, helping clean up the house, seeing them pretty much constantly. I knew I would be sad to leave when we finally got a house, but I figured my excitement over the prospect of my own home would take precedence. Boy was I way off. The closer it gets to the move the more I am wanting to stay. Despite differences among the members of the house as would be expected with 4 girls living there, I have grown so close to his family and it has been such a blessing in my life. The more I look back on our two years with them the more I realize just how much living with them has had such an impact on our lives and marriage. Funny how so often we may only look at the little corner of the picture that frustrates us at the time. However, when looking back we see the big beautiful picture.

Best example is our wedding. I dreamed about that day for so long. That and the perfect little family and marriage all played out in my head. When we got married though and I didn’t have the dress, the ring, the venue, my family there I kind of resented everyone that was getting to live a “normal” life and get engaged and plan their wedding. It bothered me. The more I look back on that day now though I realize how silly it was. It was honestly the perfect wedding. I got to wear my mother in laws dress, she loaned me a very special ring to her from her mother (which meant the absolute world to me). I also still have my  $10 Walmart wedding ring that I exchanged his mom’s out for because I was soooo petrified I was going to lose it since it was a little big lol. Most importantly though I was surrounded by people that love and care about me. Even if I was given the opportunity for “the perfect wedding” I wouldn’t change a single thing about that day…okay I would change not having my sister there but that’s understandable right?

Despite all the little issues that arose I am glad I got to spend the last two years with my husband’s family. And I am blessed beyond measure that they were willing to have us! His parents have done so much for us and the opportunity to get to know them and live life with them has been wonderful. The point of all this rambling is that so often we look so closely at issues right in front of us we miss the beauty of what God is planning out. I never would have planned my wedding the way it happened. I never would have anticipated living with my in laws for two years. I never would have done a lot of things. All those things I never would have planned though are all the things that have been the greatest blessings in our lives. No matter your circumstances never take anyone or anything for granted. It is so easy to get caught up in the push and pull of life. Don’t let the little things aggravate you so much that you miss out on the wonderful blessings that God is placing all around you. I have purposed to genuinely try to not get so agitated at dumb little things or inconveniences. Since then my life has been so much less stressful and I have had more gratitude than attitude (picking that up from Tuesday lol). I am not perfect and I do still get annoyed at little things but I have noticed a massive change in not only myself but also my husband and others around me. If you have found yourself having more bad days then good then tell yourself that instead of letting life get to you, you are going to be positive and grateful for all things in life. Even the difficult ones. It can be difficult to be optimistic sometimes. However, we have found though that by just trusting God through it all and being grateful each day has made a huge impact in our lives. Trust God. He knows what He is doing and no matter what happens He is in full control of everything!

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