Blogging Tuesdays: Mix it Up a Little

Oh the frustration! You finally started gaining a following, you had at least two or three page views a day which was always nice to see consistency. One day you log on though and nothing. Absolutely vacant. No views, no clicks, no likes, definitely no follows, just a big fat 0 stares at you. How did this happen? What did you do wrong? was your last post really that bad! Well before you get yourself all worked up, I have a question for you. How often do you post on your blog? You see I have been very consistent in blogging posts. I post on Tuesdays generally in the morning. I do a do a blogging tips post every other Tuesday and something “homemakingish” related on the other Tuesdays. Although consistency is GREAT in your blog and you should have a day that you pick that is standard posting, try and post more than once a week every once in a while at least. You see, if you are having people follow you or at least keep up with your blog then chances are they have noticed the trend of only seeing new content on a certain day. This means they probably won’t be back looking at your blog until next Tuesday because they already know there won’t be anything new. To balance my blog out a little I have started doing scatterbrained¬†thoughts on Thursdays. This will hopefully make traffic a little more consistent and also give more variation for my readers. If you have a blog that you talk about multiple subjects then take advantage of that. I am not saying you have to post every day. That would not only get stressful and time consuming for you, but also for your email followers. Eventually, they would get tired of having their email inbox “cluttered” with constant updates. I’d start with twice a week if you can manage and if you are having just oodles of ideas then three times a week. You want people to be excited when they see something new from you in their inbox not just delete it before even reading it because you post so much and they don’t feel like they are missing anything. If you aren’t sure what days are good or how much you should post then experiment. It is different for everyone’s blog depending on what you are posting about. Move your days around and see what works best for you and what tends to get the most traffic to your blog. You can always change it up a little bit too and add a “bonus” post on weeks you feel like have been slow. The idea is to get people interested and coming back. I successful blog requires readers.


What days do you find are best for your blog? Do you have a blogging plan or just post whenever something comes to you? Comment below or email me at I love hearing from you! Don’t forget to like my FB page (The Good Wife’s Blog) and you can follow me on twitter (@thegoodwifesblog) and instagram (annapartlow20).


1 thought on “Blogging Tuesdays: Mix it Up a Little”

  1. I would agree with you, some sort of plan is always good. I always at least try to upload every Wednesday and Saturday. Something I did last year was upload every first Monday of a new month. In the end we should really be blogging for enjoyment and not for views and high numbers. Enjoyed reading your thoughts on this topic!


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