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The “Finding Normal” series starts THIS TUESDAY!!!

Placeholder ImageOkay so a few subjects I haven’t really touched on to terribly much is meal planning and housekeeping and just running a household over all. Mainly, because I suck at it. I am a pretty okay cook and I absolutely love it and despite being an organization freak my house is a mess. Working outside the home and being a college student and wife leaves much to be desired in the time department. This year though I am hoping to try to get it all under control. Starting with feeding my husband and getting my house put together instead of all over the floor. Part of my new year resolution is to finally gain control of my house and distress myself (I do not function well in mess.) I am sure many of you can relate and have just as much a desire to unwind from all the push and pull of life. So for the month of February we are going to go through homemaking tips that will hopefully help us all get a hold of our homes and kitchens. I will still be posting blogging tips but they will be pushed to Thursdays instead of every other Tuesday. So if you are following me by email you will get two emails the weeks of the 6th and the 20th. Here is a general break down of what to look forward to:
Week One: Meal planning
Week Two: Cleaning House
Week Three: Routines
Week Four: Remember the Reason for It
I am so excited to start this series with you!
Planning on joining me? Comment below or email me at I would love to hear from you! Don’t forget to like my Facebook page (conveniently located to the left over there) and follow me on twitter and instagram! Thanks so much for your support!

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