Blogging Days: Commenting, the Win-Win of Blogging


Without readers/subscribers a blog would basically be an online journal of sorts. Though there is nothing wrong with that I have yet to meet anyone who has started a blog that didn’t want traffic on their site. Gaining traction can be so difficult though, Even if you can get your blog up and going then what about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. The more fields you can branch into with your blog the better it will be in the long run. I know how discouraging it can be to be starting with a blank slate and feel like you just can’t get the following you want. If you are like me internet and its inner workings are NOT your strong suite. I know the basics of Facebook, and I can maneuver my way around Instagram and tweeter pretty well (misspelling intended lol). But I am far from being able to be that perfectly socially involved blogger that just has it all together. While you are learning the inner workings of social media and getting traffic to your blog though, there are more simple ways to try to attract some attention. Comments. Now I know we touched on this subject lightly before, but commenting is a key element in blogger networking. First off it is always nice to comment on other bloggers stuff. By commenting though you are not only supporting someone else’s blog, you are also getting yours out there. At the end of your comment leave a link to your blog and encourage people to check it out. Make sure you are putting the link in the actual comment as well as the space that asks for your website. Otherwise the only way people will get to your site is if they click on your name and that doesn’t always happen. Now don’t just go around and comment on everyone’s blogs. Make sure you are legitimately interested in what the blogger is saying. Try to find blogs that relate to what you are blogging about or what interests you and someway relates back to your blog. Another way this helps is because it gets you reading other people material and will help you create a more well rounded blog overall. Also if you have started incorporating facebook and other social media sites into your blogging this will give you material to post as part of your 80/20 rule. Typically if I comment on something, I will also share the article to my facebook page during my 80% days. This is not only helpful because it gives you materials for your social sites but the audience of that blogger is being linked to something they like through you which in turn can create traffic to your site. Getting comments can be hard, trust me I know, but leaving comments is so much easier! Encourage a blogger, leave a comment and in so doing you’ll get yourself and site out there too! Really it’s just a win-win!

So leave a comment below and don’t forget to leave a link for your blog! I would love to check it out. Questions? email me at and don’t forget to follow me on social media (all links are over on the left sidebar of the my blog!)

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3 thoughts on “Blogging Days: Commenting, the Win-Win of Blogging”

  1. I struggle with consistency! I have 2 toddlers and it’s hard to consistently make time to write, plus make images for my posts, PLUS manage the social media aspect. Reading & commenting on other blogs. Finding posts to share on Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest. Trying to encourage conversations on my facebook page. It all just takes a lot of time, and it’s hard to consistently do ALL of those things well!

    BTW, my blog is 🙂


    1. Consistency can be very difficult! I have the same problem especially with my facebook page. I will sometimes go a week before I realize that I forgot to post something on it. It is ESPECIALLY hard with kids! so props to you for that. Something that may help is to try scheduling your blog posts. If you get a little free time try to get on your social sites and schedule posts at least a few days out. this will free up some mental space and give you more time to work on writing an image making. Additionally, find some blogs that you really like. subscribe to them and make them your main sharing source. I almost always have at least two to three shared posts from Club31Women on facebook every week because her blog coincides with mine fairly well. I will be honest I have yet to figure out how to use twitter or pinterest so no advice there other than maybe switching it up. One week focus on facebook or pinterest and then another week focus more on one of the others. This may help break up the ALL of it while still be active on the major social sites. Hang in there! blogging can be hard but it can be so rewarding!


      1. I have been working on scheduling Facebook posts and do well at that sometimes, but then I’ll get behind and….you know how it is! I have my blog posts automatically post to twitter but I haven’t found a twitter scheduler that I really like. I think there are some apps, but I don’t have a smart phone so I think that makes it harder!

        Pinterest is kind of one I haven’t focused on, because it just seems like a lot of work! I’ve been told that Pinterest is the biggest source of traffic for most major blogs, but they literally pin 60-80 things PER DAY on there, 20% their own things, & 80% other people’s. (They have also hired a social media representative or two.) On my own I’m not sure I could ever make Pinterest a great source of traffic, so I’ve really just been lazy there for now. Maybe in the future!


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