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Starts NEXT week! The Bible Study Challenge

kindly respond by 13 oct 2019

Alrighty everyone the Bible study challenge starts NEXT week!!! and I am so very excited!! If you would like to be included on the special email list please let me know. I sadly have still not figured out how to create an opt-in button which I was going to add to this post but yeah no idea how :p lol. I will keep working on figuring that out. ANYWAY! if you are interested in growing a closer relationship with God and having encouragement and support along the way then I hope you will join me. We are going to be going through a month long challenge of reading the Bible. I will be starting with Daniel however, you can pick whichever book you would like. The purpose of this challenge is to start making time for God. Even if it is only a short chapter each day or a small verse. Take the time to spend time with God. The biggest part of this challenge is not just reading the Bible though. Get a notebook or a journal and I would like you to write the date, and chapter of the Bible you are reading. If you learned anything from it or something spoke to you write it down. If not that’s okay. Write down what you are struggling with that day and pray about it as well as what you are grateful for. What I am hoping you will see is a change from when you first start your journal. I am also hoping you will notice the massive impact it will have on your life and attitude as well as relationships with others. Send me an email with your email address so I can add you to the special email list for this challenge!!! Also lets try to get as many people involved as we can so don’t forget to share on facebook and share with your friends!!!!

Look forward to seeing you on the email list!!!!
Happy Monday everyone!
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P.S. I am working on getting an actual domain and finding a good place to host my site! Hopefully this will enable me to do more things like create opt-ins, email subscriptions, and start a product line I’ve been wanting to share with you all.  Just wanted y’all to know so if next time you come by things look a little different or the name changes to .com instead of you’ll know why!!! Wish me luck!!
P.P.S. If you are following me on wordpress but not actually subscribed with your email I don’t know if when I transfer to an actual domain how y’all will be brought over. If you would like to insure you are added to the subscription list on the NEW site PLEASE EMAIL ( me your email address and I will add you manually. Thanks for all of your support as always!!!   

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