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A Little Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning Tips
Happy belated Easter everyone!!!! I hope you all had a blessed Easter. Spring is in the air and so is all the allergy nonsense. For us that means trying to find ways to limit at many allergens as possible so we can actually breath and function like normal human beings. The biggest part of that….SPRING CLEANING! I get a feeling that is why/how spring cleaning got started. So with the holiday out of the way lets get down to business and talk about easy ways to keep your home spring cleaned without spending HOURS on a given day just to have it get all messy the next week.
Dust weekly
So guess who has black furniture! yeah it sounded like a good idea when I was thinking color scheme but the dust has made me DRASTICALLY think better of my choices. Oh well to late now. Because of my lovely black furniture I do have to make a point out of dusting. However, because of my black furniture I’ve been keeping my house so much cleaner than I normally used to! This has enabled me to see the difference in tidiness overall as well. I mean come one when you dust, you tidy lol.
I have tile floors…I have dogs…my husband is a mechanic…I sweep ALL THE TIME!!! lol seriously I sweep twice a day sometimes its an epidemic of dirt! Nightly sweeping though will do just fine for most of you. Sweep at least the kitchen to gather all the crumbs from the day. Clean floors really do make a drastic impact on your home.
Wipe down the bathrooms
No one likes cleaning the bathroom. Trust me I know! but when you do daily little wipe downs it keeps the tidiness up so that when you do have to do you’re biweekly deep clean it isn’t nearly as horrible.
Light a candle
I have those little wax warmers. I LOVE them! I don’t have to worry about burning my house down and I can keep it going all day! Light a candle or turn on your wax warmer to spread wonderful smells throughout your home and defunk it!
Change the sheets/fluff the blankets
Change your sheets weekly, and run your little throw blankets through a fluff cycle if you don’t want to wash them. This will freshen up the house in a BIG way. Not only does it make everything smell nice but it reduces the dust and allergens.
Make your bed
Seriously listen to what your mother always told you! Making your bed MAKES THE DIFFERENCE. My room can be a MESS but if our bed is made it really doesn’t look that bad. Making the bed takes a few extra minutes but it is so nice to go in the room and see cleanliness!
Hope some of these ideas helped you find new ways to keep your home spring clean ready!!! How do you keep up with all the cleaning??? If you are looking for more ways to keep life in order then check out my February series “Finding Normal” (links below) Don’t forget to share and like us on Facebook!
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