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Sometimes we get Anxious

When Anxiety towers above us. God is Greater than our fears.
Here lately I have been struggling with releasing my fear and anxiety over to the Lord. Even though I give it up to Him daily I will still find myself suddenly overwhelmed with anxious thoughts. Now a lot of people think that anxiety is something that you can just “get over” however, I know for most of you out there if you have anxiety those words are the most aggravating to hear. Along with,
“stop being so dramatic”,
“is it really THAT bad.”
“Just suck it up”
“get over it”
“it is all in your head.”
…for those of you that suffer with sever or even slight anxiety you know the utter despair those words have on your self esteem. Anxiety is a thing. It is real. and it effects your day to day life. Often we don’t know what spurs are anxiety and half the time we don’t even know why we are anxious. I sometimes won’t even realize I am having an anxiety attack until it turns into a full blown panic attack. It is in those moments of time that I am most grateful to have a Savior to call on for help. However, if you suffer from anxiety then you also know that it is sometimes the hardest thing to give to God. You want to be in control. You want to know the outcome. You want to have a say. I mean you have rights after all…right? If this sounds like the little voice in your head that drives you crazy then let me assure you. You are NOT alone. I can go weeks completely resolved to acceptance of whatever lay before me. Then all the sudden for the next several days I am an absolute frantic mess wondering what is going to happen. How are we going to get through this. What if it doesn’t turn out the way I want it to. What if something even more tragic happens in the midst of it. Lost in a whirl wind of thoughts and emotions I will completely break down. And of course once the process starts it tends to not just stay on topic. I’ll go from stressing about that issue to our finances, the business, our future in general, and spiral down to the point that the laundry pile seems like a mountain I can’t conquer. Sound familiar? Well guess what…GOD IS GREATER! I know it sounds crazy, but He is. The biggest part of our faith comes into play when we trust Him to see us through it all. More importantly to know that no matter the out come, if we are following and trusting God, His glory will shine through it all. Granted that means that we might not get the outcome we want (I know the thought stresses me out too) but we are here to live a life that glorifies the Lord. Therefore our circumstances and the outcome there of should do the same. Sometimes this can make the anxiety better….and sometimes the thought of not having control can make the anxiety worse. It is during this time that seeking after the Father is the best course of action. Delve deep into His Word. Pray for guidance, help, support. Relinquish your fears to the Almighty. It may be something you have to do daily, or hourly as the case may be. But know that God is Greater than anything we face in life. Know that God doesn’t bring you to a place He won’t get you through. You may not get through it the way you want but you will get through it in a way that glorifies the King. Not looking at the storm that is closing in all around us is so difficult sometimes. It doesn’t seem like keeping our eyes on the Savior should be all that difficult, but sometimes seeing the waves from the corner of our eyes will shift our focus from an Almighty God to an emotional tidal wave of fear and distrust. Just remember in those moments who holds you in His hands. and BREATH! Casting Crowns is one of my FAVORTIE bands and their song “Just Be Held” gets BLARED in my car daily. “Breathe” by Johnny Diaz is another song I love, especially when feeling completely overwhelmed. Music is a powerful force and when I don’t have the words or thoughts I let the music do it for me. 7eventh Time Down’s song “Just say Jesus” and Hillary Scott’s song “Thy will be done.” are some other good “anti-anxiety” songs. No matter what you are going through or facing right now just remember that God is Greater than all your fears and He will never let you down. Sometimes we get anxious, and that is okay! Don’t feel like if you worry about something that somehow reflects on your faith. We are human. The key is to give it over to God when we do find ourselves starting to get more caught up in the worry than in His plan.
“Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all of your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6
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1 thought on “Sometimes we get Anxious”

  1. Anxiety is a real thing and get to many people just want to ignore it. We have to admit we suffer from it and allow the Holy Spirit to help us. On this country many people suffer in silence and it shouldn’t be that way, but because of the negative impact of others words and judgement many don’t talk or seek help.

    I pray one day this world will wake up and stop judgement. Because I do believe we suffer with anxiety in some kind of way.


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