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A Little Spring Cleaning!

Happy belated Easter everyone!!!! I hope you all had a blessed Easter. Spring is in the air and so is all the allergy nonsense. For us that means trying to find ways to limit at many allergens as possible so we can actually breath and function like normal human beings. The biggest part of that....SPRING… Continue reading A Little Spring Cleaning!


Clearing the Clutter

I am a totaly stuff hoarder myself. However, when my husband and I got married I had to leave everything behind. My parents refused to allow me to get anything from the house and I had only managed to get a very few items like extra clothes and a my letter box. Although it sucks,… Continue reading Clearing the Clutter

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Finding Normal Week 2: Cleaning House

Nothing is ever quite as wonderful as waking up to a clean home. No dishes to be washed and the laundry all put away. Nothing says good morning better, well except maybe a good morning kiss from your love ;). Really though, we have all seen those commercials. The ones where the mom is up… Continue reading Finding Normal Week 2: Cleaning House

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Keeping Up with Life

I had it down! I grew up basically running a house. My parents though loving were not particularly involved so raising the kids and running the house fell on me and my sister. My older sister got main charge of our little sister and cooking and I got charge of our little brother and cleaning. It worked pretty… Continue reading Keeping Up with Life


Hair up means deep clean!

We all pick up here and there do some cleaning throughout the week but we all know that when the hair goes up some serious cleaning is about to go down. For me the hardest part of cleaning, or anything for that matter, is starting. Once I start I can keep the momentum going but… Continue reading Hair up means deep clean!


How do we not sound controlling when we are seeking help from our spouse

 So I follow this blog club31women. Today in my inbox I got a email with her latest post “how to be anything but a controlling wife” Ironically the perfect post for this morning as I have a tendency to be just that however unintentional it is. In reading it though a few thoughts crossed… Continue reading How do we not sound controlling when we are seeking help from our spouse