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Sometimes we get Anxious

Here lately I have been struggling with releasing my fear and anxiety over to the Lord. Even though I give it up to Him daily I will still find myself suddenly overwhelmed with anxious thoughts. Now a lot of people think that anxiety is something that you can just "get over" however, I know for most of you… Continue reading Sometimes we get Anxious

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Purposeful Time Together

Happy Friday Lovelies! Oh and what a beautiful Friday it is! Well at least down here in Texas. Today I decided to send out a short note of encouragement. I received an email this morning from basically my all time favorite blogger Lisa Jacobson over at Club31Women (, the purpose was also a little note… Continue reading Purposeful Time Together


Navigating the Holidays

The holidays! so much excitement, so much fun, so much anxiety, so much stress. Holidays are amazing, however, when it comes to holidays with in laws it can go from thrilling to terrifying in point five seconds. You've got the wife's parents, the husbands parents, and all the siblings of each family trying to coordinate… Continue reading Navigating the Holidays