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Sometimes we get Anxious

Here lately I have been struggling with releasing my fear and anxiety over to the Lord. Even though I give it up to Him daily I will still find myself suddenly overwhelmed with anxious thoughts. Now a lot of people think that anxiety is something that you can just "get over" however, I know for most of you… Continue reading Sometimes we get Anxious


Gratitude instead of Attitude

Oh how easy it is to take the little things and be aggravated. I have been begging my husband to hang some shelves I got for a couple of weeks. Well he finally did while I was at work one day. You would think my first reaction would be yaya my shelves are up. Instead… Continue reading Gratitude instead of Attitude


Emotions are NOT sinful

Oh my gosh I am so excited! Thanksgiving is right around the corner! My humble little abode is finally coming together. My husband and I spent several hours last night going through stuff. We are putting up the shelves in the closet today and I am going to finish up the laundry and other little knickknack… Continue reading Emotions are NOT sinful

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Keeping Up with Life

I had it down! I grew up basically running a house. My parents though loving were not particularly involved so raising the kids and running the house fell on me and my sister. My older sister got main charge of our little sister and cooking and I got charge of our little brother and cleaning. It worked pretty… Continue reading Keeping Up with Life

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Creating a Sanctuary

Having a place in your home to relax and unwind is really a key factor in a calm household and a can be a major contributing factor in fostering a loving marriage. Some people may not be as bothered by messes and disorganization as others but regardless I think we can all agree that when… Continue reading Creating a Sanctuary


Uniquely You

I like sports cars, I watch Korean dramas, I listen to one direction and I watch Disney movies. I love to read books, Beverly Lewis is a personal favorite. I am a high heels sparkle kind of girl who loves country rustic too. I love history and am fascinated by other cultures. Children and the… Continue reading Uniquely You


You are allowed YOU time

Do you ever feel like you just need a break. I little time and space to yourself. When you take that time and space for yourself you start to feel guilty? Not all of you may have this issue but I and I am sure some others out there do. Whenever I just want… Continue reading You are allowed YOU time

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My Grace is Sufficient for You

Trusting God isn't always the easiest thing in the world. There is one thing I have learned however, God has never let me down. I never used to have a great deal of trouble trusting God. As a teenager I mean seriously life isn't all that difficult. I still stressed and worried and I do… Continue reading My Grace is Sufficient for You


Finding Calm Moments in a Busy Life

Life is busy! We all can agree on that. There are so many things to stay on top of especially when you’re a wife. Work (if you’re a working wife), school (if you’re a student), spending time with your spouse, cooking, cleaning, kids if you have them. It seems so impossible to find a free… Continue reading Finding Calm Moments in a Busy Life