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Just a Little Note

Happy Tuesday dear readers!! Time is absolutely flying by! I can't believe it is not only May...but the MIDDLE of May!!!! Life has been crazy to say the least and I have finally managed to get an ACTUAL .com! I am so if I could just figure out how to use it lol. I… Continue reading Just a Little Note


Excitement and Anxiety

Happy Tuesday everyone! In just 24 days SugarBear and I will be the proud owners of our first home. I am so excited. With all the excitement does come some drawback. First, how much I don't want to move because I am going to miss living with my in laws. Second, my anxiety. Yes I… Continue reading Excitement and Anxiety

Scatter Brained Thoughts

ScatterBrained Thoughts: We got a House!

Well for all of you that have been following me for a while...we are moving!! I am so excited. At the same time I am so utterly sad. Last night I actually asked my husband if we could not move and just stay in our cute little section of the world for a little bit… Continue reading ScatterBrained Thoughts: We got a House!


Undying Trust

Nothing will ever cause me to lose trust in my husband. I know what you’re thinking…we haven’t been married long enough, the honeymoon period is still in effect so just you wait. Honestly, we are far removed from the honeymoon period. We have dealt with in-laws (both of our sides), death of loved ones, loss… Continue reading Undying Trust