The Bible Study Challenge

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We as Christians can’t shine our light if we aren’t taking the time to light the fire. So I want to challenge you to start spending time with God. Start small if you have to. Even if you are just reading the Bible that is okay. I’ve often found that just reading but doing so consistently will slowly cultivate a Bible study you didn’t know you were doing. So here is the deal. I want you to see if you can see the change. Get a notebook, a journal, blank paper, sticky notes, whatever. Everyday write the date, and what passage you read. If you read something and it sparked an interest write it down. If it spoke to you in someway write it down. If you read it and that is it, that is FINE! One of the biggest things that always turned me off of Bible studies is that they tended to make you feel bad if you didn’t gain some profound new discovery out of every passage. Guess what! it is okay to not “get anything” out of a passage. Why? Because God speaks to us in different ways at different times. I have read and re-read the same verse and nothing. One day though something stands out to me that has a great impact on me. That’s why reading the Bible once is never enough. So anyway back to the point. Whether you feel you are “gaining” anything out of it or not I want to challenge you to start reading your Bible daily. BUT I also want you to start a journal. Now don’t freak I know not everyone is good at “journaling.” Myself included! But I want you to try. I want you to write something if you can and if not that’s cool. The point of the journal is to see as time goes by that you are writing more and more stuff down.. The idea is to see the actual impact that reading God’s Word has and the way that it is beneficial for you. Write down anything you are struggling with and pray about it. Give it about a month or so and I bet you will see a big difference in your own self and also in those around you. So since I don’t have an opt-in yet I am going to ask that if you are interested in joining this challenge that you would leave a comment saying you’re in, or send me an email ( I would love to add you to a separate email list for weekly encouragement for this challenge. It really isn’t about finding time for God, it is about MAKING time for Him. One of the things that my husband said that I think had the biggest impact on me is, “It’s weird since I have been reading more I feel like I just have more time in my day. Like I am not rushing around trying to get things done.” I feel like often our first instinct is how am I supposed to spend time with God when I have ALL these things that I need to get done?!?! Hearing him say that made me really understand that by making that time to spend with the Lord you are actually finding more time in your day. Instead of trying to get it all done you are relaxed and calm knowing that you’ve spent your day wisely and that things will get done when they get done. I hope you discover what a huge impact making time for the Lord can and will have in you and your life. I look forward to going on this journey with each and everyone of you!

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