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Happy Tuesday dear readers!! Time is absolutely flying by! I can’t believe it is not only May…but the MIDDLE of May!!!! Life has been crazy to say the least and I have finally managed to get an ACTUAL .com! I am so excited…now if I could just figure out how to use it lol. I thought it would be easier it is SOOOO not easier. It is progress though! The struggle has been real as of late. Trail after trial seems to be appearing for my husband and I. But knowing that God is there keeps us going. Per our pastor’s advice we have started reading the story of Joseph. We read the first chapter last night and I have to say I was so surprised at how many things jumped out at me that I had never noticed in that story before. I mean I grew up with Bible stories and almost everyone knows the story of Joseph. His colorful coat, his brothers jealousy, he gets thrown in an empty well, sold to Potiphar, gets thrown in prison, and eventually goes on to save his brothers and father as well as an entire nation from famine. Pretty awesome dude right? But when reading it this time I started picking up on what I like to call “background characters” the ones that are totally and completely relevant to the story but no one really talks about. Rueben was the first character that stood out to me. He literally saved his brother’s life by telling his other brothers to not just kill him but instead throw him in an empty well. He plans on going back and retrieving him from that well later. But then while having lunch, Judah notices the caravan and suggests that they sell their brother to them. Now what I find interesting about this is that in each instance you can see God working through the situation. What seems like a horrible plan from Josephs brothers God uses to turn into something that will ultimately glorify Him and save not only Joseph but many others as well. Joseph more or less should have died by the hands of his brothers. However, God put compassion in Ruben’s heart to try to save his brother. Ruben’s plan to just rescue his brother from death though wouldn’t get him to Egypt. So God placed a caravan and an idea in Judah’s path which ultimately lead to Joseph going to Egypt and started God’s grand plan for his life. Now what does this have to do with us?? Basically it is an example how God works all things together for the good of those that love Him. God took something that was an absolutely terrible life ending circumstance and worked through the situation and saved not only Joseph but many others. This should give us comfort in knowing that there is no situation that God can’t get you through. Now as we talked about before that doesn’t always mean we are going to get the outcome that WE want. However, the knowledge that God is always at work no matter the situation can give us great hope for our future. I am quite excited to continue our reading about Joseph and see what other “background” characters surface that I never took note of before.
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